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The first impression is the best!

Most of us agree with it, but why do we compromise on skincare, which is among the first things that others notice?

Lulu is a US-based company specializing in beauty products primarily catering to women.

It is an e-commerce website allowing users to access beauty products at lower prices.

They promise to provide traditional solutions to your modern skin problems.

But while the website’s inaccessible nature has raised many eyebrows about its legality, it is mainly considered an illegal website.


Let’s know more about this website to reiterate whether it’s a genuine site.

What does Cuelu specialize in?

Cuelu’s website mainly sells women-oriented beauty products.

The Cult website owners believe in ancient Chinese treatment, Gua Sha.

In this method, skin is sculpted and made to glow with the help of products made of stone. Some of their products include:

  • Gua Sha facial lifting tool
  • Depuffing roller

Is Cuelu trustworthy?

Cuelu as a brand is unavailable on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or Nykaa.

They sell their products exclusively on their official site.

This seems suspicious because any website that wants to flourish in the beauty industry will always want to launch its products on these apps to market products.

Overall, trusting Cuelu might be risky.

What are the steps to order products from Cuelu?

  • Open any of the search engines on your mobile phone or laptop.
  • In the search bar, type
  • From the search results, select the appropriate Cuelu website.
  • Place the order of the products that you need.
  • Payment can be made through UPI or cards.

How to return products on Cuelu?

Lulu sells only two products on its website, which are of the exact cost; furthermore, they guarantee to deliver products with zero charges at a few places on the website.

Although Cuelu does not speak of an exact return policy, the site hints at some steps that must be followed while returning a product.

Following is the list of steps to return products on Cole:

  1. Contact the customer agent through the email given on the website.
  2. Select the product that you need to replace.
  3. Describe the problem you used with the product (quality issue, size issue, etc.).
  4. Place the product in the package that it was previously delivered in.
  5. Please send it to the address the customer agent has informed you about.
  6. The refund will be processed into your account as soon as the Cuelu owners receive the product.

What are some of the specifications that we can find about Cuelu on the internet?

  • Portal address:
  • Email ID:,
  • Contact details are absent.
  • Product prices are mentioned in US dollars.
  • Terms and conditions, along with the privacy policy, are mentioned on their official site.
  • Return policy: Within 30 days of delivery, the products must be returned unused and without detrimental damage.

Is a scam?

Several reasons point toward the Cuelu website being a scam. Here are the reasons why:

This proves that the company is fake.

  • Contact information: The website does not provide contact details like phone numbers or fax, which are usually mentioned on e-commerce websites.

Anyways, email is mentioned.

  • Returns: A product, once purchased, can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

For returning, the user must mail the company at, but it is unlikely one will even get a response from the company.

  • Reviews: When we look at the customer reviews, it is biased.

Almost all the ratings are five or nearer to it, proving that Cuelu as a company doesn’t exist.

  • Website Age: Cuelu is a website that was recently launched on the internet.

A newly released website with such good ratings raises several questions.

  • Social media: Cuelu does not have any official social media page to market or publish its products.

Every skincare company maintains a social media account to increase traffic and attract customers.

This is a crucial reason why cult is a fake website.

  • Trust score: The website’s trust score is unsurprisingly below one percent, which insists that the website is fraudulent.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of shopping on Cuelu?

Lulu is a recently launched e-commerce website that sells women-oriented beauty equipment:


  • Even though they sell many products on their website, the advantages are null or minimal.


  • Few offers are available on their website, so getting discounts is next to impossible.
  • The return policy mentions products not related to products being sold on their website.
  • There are many skeptical things about this website. Some of them include
  1. Owner details are missing from the website.
  2. It is a new website with a low trust score.

Is all the information given on the Cuelu website authentic?

Most of the information seems to be from other websites because the content contains words like ‘products’ and ‘shop’.

The product reviews, ratings, and descriptions are not contrasting with other e-commerce websites.

All of the above suggests that the website is not authentic, and users might be putting their money at stake by ordering on such sites.

How safe is it to provide card details on a website like Cuelu?

Lulu is not a legitimate website, so providing card details might be risky for online shoppers.

Lulu does not provide the bank details to which the payment is sent.

This is risky for all the online shoppers providing card details on these websites.


From the above information, we can conclude that Cuelu is a dubious website, and online shoppers must be careful before buying things on such websites.

Beauty is one such aspect where women do not like to compromise, and these websites persuade customers to buy those products and scam these innocent users.

We should refrain from shopping on such websites.

I hope the above information has successfully provided you with all the required details about Cuelu.


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