Dear Women, Please Stop Shaming Your Kind For Applying Makeup!

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Blushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, powder, mascara–I understand the make-up checklist, but I don’t use it. No, this doesn’t make me cool because I pick to head bare face at the same time as a few girls choose to invest time and money of their look. They groom themselves, put in greater effort, and care for that brought flair–and that they rock it!

But what I will by no means apprehend is why some ladies take satisfaction in not applying makeup. No, I do now not suppose your undereye luggage are glorious but bet what? Neither do I care whether or not or not you’re protecting them up. We simply want to let these items skip. Íf you’re now not complimenting that lady for applying make-up, positive as hell do now not inform her that she appears better without it.

Of all the girls I recognize, not an unmarried one has arisen to me and said: “Hey look! I did a complete face of makeup for you!” Nah. Not even as soon as. Then why need to or not it’s my divine responsibility to make a fuss out of it? Several humans beat their chest about how they hate make-up and feature by no means implemented any. I am sure you’ve got your motives for fending off this whole ritual. That is of route best if you really do avoid makeup at all charges and all through all occasions. Cheating for your ‘no makeup ever’ pledge shouldn’t happen when you have to attend weddings, birthdays, or exit at night time. You are mistaken if you believe that it makes you look cool and mature to diss makeup and its many propagators to sound particular.

It is a whole enterprise this is booming and empowering ladies to feel stunning and confident. Moreover, you simply can’t deny that it facilitates your appearance presentable even on the times while you experience like a haggard antique female. The beauty industry in India is presently predicted at USD 950 million and is anticipated to reach a predicted USD 2.Sixty eight billion by using the subsequent year. A take a look at confirmed that the boom figures in sections like cosmetic merchandise, salons, and beauty treatment over the last 5 years are 60%, 35%, and five in line with cent respectively.


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