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More Japanese Men’s Fashion Magazines You Should Know

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As lately pronounced, Tokyo-primarily based magazine The New Order is expanding, looking to stretch its already remarkable reach beyond the bounds of in advance-of-the-curve boutiques. As such, it’s time to observe the alternative courses based in Japan, which might be content to stay sequestered within the island nation, quite simply developing in a technology where print media in the West is laid low with declining subscription counts and attempting to digitize all content material. We finally rounded up the pleasant male-style Japanese courses in 2015, and inside the past 4 years, numerous have long past defunct or slipped from most people of Japanese mag racks.

Thus, the under listing gives a current whos-who of Japanese magazines, averting most overlap with the preceding listing’s tremendous, still-ongoing titles, like Popeye, SENSE, GRIND, Ollie, and PRODISM. This is, of the path, not a wholly comprehensive series; there are numerous different Japanese magazines intended for an older target audience (Rudo, Safari, Men’s Ex) that are extra targeted on workwear (Military Lab, Real Workers, Clutch), are not published (WARP, I bought, FRUiTS), or are harder to tune down outside of Japan, partially due to infrequent publishing schedules (WHATEVER, STUDIO VOICE). In short — there are a ton of Japanese magazines obtainable; these are simply some of today’s maximum popular and applicable titles.

 Fashion Magazines


Dedicated to fans of handy European style, CLUEL and CLUEL HOMME had been “based by using an editor that labored for Men’s Fudge,” points out Miyuki Ishii, head of Kinokuniya New York’s Japanese Books/Magazines department. CLUEL is “slightly greater steeply-priced with … manufacturers like Gucci & Prada,” at the side of editorials targeted around labels like Margaret Howell, Mackintosh Philosophy, and Traditional Weatherwear. Other staples encompass European-prompted Japanese labels like HÉLIOPÔLE, Tomorrowland, and YAECA. Though the menswear includes a bevy of Japanese brands, the women’s version hews toward a romanticized version of Euro-style — assume plenty of berets.

Issued in Kansai location of Japan, [Kaji-Kaji] makes a specialty of neighborhood styles and road snaps,” notes Miyuki Ishii. It’s targeted at “men in their thirties who are interested in American Casual Style (Ame-Kaji),” for this reason, they identify. By localizing itself to a specific location in Japan, Kaji-Kaji radiates with proper nearby pride, ingratiating itself with the nearby stores, restaurants, and creatives via a yearly Kaji-Kaji road pageant, called “Kaji Fes.” The specificity of the distribution may sound proscribing until you understand that Kansai includes major style hubs like Kyoto and Osaka, plus several different critical cities. A sturdy emphasis on fashion yields shopping guides, seasonal style articles, and coffee keep speaking with the locals. Occasionally stylized as “Cazi Cazi.”


A new mission from Takuya Chiba, former PERK and GRIND, Silver is a modern alternative to Japan’s greater traditional men’s style magazines. Most courses categorically follow the Popeye model of catalog-fashion lists, avenue snaps, and casual editorials; Silver proposes a new model — issued quarterly. The physical magazine is abetted through a frequently-up to date digital counterpart, with unique art exhibitions and dad-u.S.Planned to coincide with magazine launches. Priced significantly higher than most other Japanese magazines — JPY 1,500 (approximately USD 13), instead of the ordinary JPY 300 – JPY 700 (approximately $2.50 – USD 6) — troubles of Silver aren’t always larger than their opposite numbers; it makes up for the rate difference with depth, info and a variety of professional individuals.


While the world over well-known magazines like Popeye and Men’s Non-No reveal a younger focus, Uomo courts a barely more mature crowd. Men in their 30’s and forty’s are the target audience, with content material that toes the line between conservative and informal. Off-obligation road snaps are frequently followed using completely applicable looks, with conventional brands like Zegna and Mackintosh becoming members of present-day labels like Marni, Lemaire, and Studio Nicholson. Along with the editorials and street fashion shots, Uomo consists of tv critiques, gaming speak, and age-appropriate healthcare info.


Centered around authenticity, Lightning is devoted to the man whose existence is knowledgeable by using background brands. Be it Harley-Davidson, Evisu, or Schott; Lightning doesn’t shrink back from richly designated photograph-pushed featurettes’ approximately sturdy tools. Each problem is targeted on single subject matters, like avenue snaps or vintage American style, with additional coverage accompanying the main course. Special troubles include magazines committed to antique guitars, worn-in jeans, and some distance-flung subjects just like the existence of history-obsessed dog proprietors. Ei-Publishing, which publishes Lightning, is also chargeable for the vintage-obsessed 2nd and Clutch.


The last outside publication, GO OUT, is so loved in its local Japan that the magazine has spawned a sequence of out of doors expeditions or even a yearly competition. Dedicated to the journey and the apparel that informs it, GO OUT rounds up new equipment and themed explorations; for instance, one might get recognition on the high-quality summertime trekking shoes, and every other will ruin specific items outerwear shells using weight and purpose. Along with the cloth items, GO OUT features vehicle talk, upcoming event bulletins, and real-lifestyles trips documented by an image diary.

Men’s Joker

As Japanese guys grow out of children and into maturity, they may reach for the trouble of Men’s Joker. The magazine bridges the distance among informal clothes and tailoring whilst relating a spread of reachable subjects like gaming, sports, and relationship. Frequent road fashion features underline trends and fashion recommendations, inviting readers to experiment with brands from uniform experiment to Still through Hand to Nigel Cabourn to The North Face. Grooming guides supplement the clothing and sneaker breakdowns, with explorations into suiting as commonplace as puffer jacket roundups.


Famed Japanese style brand visvim is ready to foray into publishing for the primary time with the bi-annual Subsequence. Though visvim has long explored its own creations through virtual Dissertations, bodily guides are noticeably new for the brand, although clothier Hiroki Nakamura did submit an ebook in 2018. Subsequence might be a restricted-run presenting specializing in global artisans who keep the conventional and detail-orientated craft alive with captions in both Japanese and English.

Men’s Fudge

“[Men’s Fudge] especially makes a specialty of road snaps from principal cities around the arena,” asserts Miyuki Ishii. It’s additionally “aimed for guys of their twenties.” The name is full of modern styles from younger labels like Factotum, Auralee, EFILEVOL, and N.HOOLYWOOD, along with long-walking style manufacturers like Fred Perry and Theory. Its counterpart, Fudge, is dedicated to womenswear from comparable labels like HYKE and Mame Kurogouchi. Each magazine is dotted with new releases from large outlets like BEAMS, UNITED ARROWS, and Urban Research. Issues generally encompass culture round-u. S.A. The end, which includes film, track, and watches opinions.

Brutus & Casa Brutus

Jey Perie, Creative Director of Kinfolk: “Since I first moved to Japan in 2007 and even now when I visit, I usually ensure to choose up a duplicate of Brutus. Nothing remains equal within the international booklet; competencies and traits come and go, with few exceptions. Brutus, ever on account that I can keep in mind, had been capable of live regular with a bi-month-to-month booklet and excessive first-rate content material. Far past style, the publication will give you a huge array of insights on restaurants in Japan and across the globe, modern architecture, new songs, vintage classics, and giant interviews with movie personalities. Their sister, ebook Casa Brutus, is likewise considered one of my favorite ebooks outside of fashion.” Casa Brutus is wonderful from Brutus in that it normally makes a specialty of indoor design and homewares — as the name implies — even though it also shines a highlight on the artwork, meals, and craft.


The cutting-edge challenge from Shoichi Aoki, street style innovator & founder of the shuttered FRUiTS and independently-dispensed STREET, Discord, is the Japanese creative’s trendy foray into capturing stylish Japanese youths. Though Aoki bemoaned the “loss of cool youngsters” to photo on time, the laissez-faire styling made famous through the likes of Vetements has inspired Aoki to delve back into the arena of publishing. Discord has yet to publish its first trouble, but Aoki guarantees a combination of his signature street style and articles that contact on lifestyle and the arts. Keep a watch on the mag’s Instagram page for updates.


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