A boyfriend with a sense of humor who isn’t afraid to guide his lady publicly regardless of what? We must stan!

An aspiring Bronx-based make-up artist named “Another Black Girl” is operating difficult at her come up. (We see you, sis!) But in a heavily-saturated world of beauty vloggers and influencers, it can be tough to stand out from the percent in recent times. So, she had the exceptional concept of recruiting a few assist….From her man!
In a YouTube educational, she offers us a grade by grade demo on the way to beat a face the usage of her boyfriend because of the model. Her supportive guy showed off the finished product (sure, lashes and all!) encouraging folks to follow his female.

“Hey, women and gentleman! If you would love your face beat like mine please e-book my adorable female friend here,” he says in a video selling her paintings.” The video obtained heaps of affection on Twitter, or even got recirculated on The Shade Room! After receiving so much fantastic feedback, the couple published the total version of the video on YouTube, revealing she’d receive an uptick of 5,000 new fans and counting.
The boyfriend additionally permits it’s acknowledged that he’s equipped to ward off any cyberbullying. “I want the negative remarks. Try me! I’m looking to argue.”

The woman at the receiving quit of Maya Angelou’s stern comeback in an antique video clip that recently went viral has responded to the eye the incident has been getting.
Kim Watts was only twenty years antique while her class visited the San Francisco studio wherein Angelou was filming communicate display People Are Talking. Watts reputedly offended the legendary poet with the aid of using her first call whilst asking Angelou approximately interracial dating. Watts, now 49 years antique, became then chided by Angelou for a perceived loss of courtesy.