Beauty notes from Paris Fashion Week autumn/iciness ‘19/‘20

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From supersonic, jewel-toned eyes to glossy, vibrant hair, glowing nighttime-out pores and skin to hair accessories of every type, Vogue has the state-of-the-art splendor trends direct from Paris Fashion Week. They say to shop the great for final, which felt all of the more poignant this season as Karl Lagerfeld’s closing-ever show become staged at the Grand Palais. Paris embodies the top of all idea and creativity for the duration of fashion month – and it couldn’t be greater proper in the splendor stakes. The temper this season hovered somewhere among a taken into consideration softness and nuanced streetwise durability that’s looking to the destiny. As Lagerfeld himself stated, “The women of today are the women of the next day.”

  • Here are the five key tendencies to emerge from the week:
  • The trend: night time-out pores and skin
  • Where we’ve seen it:
  • Balmain, Off-White, Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten

What you need to know:

At Balmain, makeup artist Val Garland described the women as “punk princesses.” The appearance became stimulated via ladies’ photos from nighttime out, with lash lashes, invisible liners, and a sheen throughout cheekbones. At Off-White, makeup artist Fara Homidi created a look stimulated by using “cool-woman Barbie.” “It’s sparkling, yummy skin, with a bit of a flush on the cheeks and a peach lipstick and plenty of lip gloss,” she tells Vogue. At Isabel Marant, it changed into messy knots in the hair and fleshy glitter tones over an almost bare face. At the same time as Peter Philips’ examine Dries Van Noten had a glitter eye that changed into seemingly coming undone.

Fashion Week

How to put on it now:

For that wholesome sheen across the skin, Lisa Butler at Isabel Marant says, “You want the biggest brush you’ve were given. And you want to gently get the cheeks, the forehead, the tip of the nose, everywhere the solar might hit. But it has to be a true matt brown.” For brows, Butler indicates Glossier Boy Brow, finishing the look with flesh-colored glitter on the very tops of the cheekbones and alongside the outer swoop of the eye.
The fashion: excessive-shine hair

Where we’ve visible it:

Maison Margiela, Mugler, Hermès, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney What you want to know: There was various smooth, vivid hair – from extreme gloss at Margiela and Mugler to a softer extra wearable shine at Stella McCartney, Hermès and Alexander McQueen. Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman labored up a low ponytail at Stella McCartney. At the same time, at Alexander McQueen, Guido Palau created excessive-shine ponytails with tough, bondage-inspired leather wraps around the duration of the hair. The appearance is hard, cutting-edge, and utilitarian, even in its softer interpretations.

How to put on it now:

For the intense end of this fashion, a wet finish is prime. Palau recommends Redken Hardwear sixteen gel layered over the hair and combed in to create traces via the sections of the hair. Otherwise, a gloss cream with finishing spray will create a swish ponytail that remains in location.
The trend: supersonic eyes

Where we’ve seen it:

Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent, Chloé, Giambattista Valli, Mugler

What you want to realize:

The supersonic, futuristic eye appears made a look this season with dramatic utility and ambitious primary colorings. From Saint Laurent’s exaggerated wing by using makeup artist Tom Pecheux to make-up artist Pat McGrath’s golden sheen across the skin at Chloé. “The appearance is almost naked skin with a robust, photo, long black eyeliner,” says Pecheux. “The eye look is pretty couture and minimal, but additionally eccentric.” At Giambattista Valli, there has been artistic, a great white liner over the upper eyelid and an intricate metallic decrease lash line.

How to put on it now:

Whether it’s a glossy shine at the lids like McGrath’s, have a look at Margiela, or her sun shades of russet red at Chloé, this is approximately dramatic software. Pecheux’s elongated wings at Saint Laurent are wonderful-wearable if you maintain the wing close to the lash line, whilst the reds and steel tones at Chloé are smooth to recreate with a cream eyeshadow over the eyelids. Makeup artist Inge Grognard, who created the appears at Mugler, says, “There was continually eyeliner. Whatever. But we did it more roughly. And then there had been a few ladies with a vibrant blue on the eyes. However, it turned into washed out – it turned into a water-based pigment.”

The fashion: deep red lips

Where we’ve visible it:

Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Mugler

What you need to realize:

Red lips weren’t a staple via any means, but when they appeared, the tones were formidable, deep, and hard. Mugler saw Matt, pillar-field reds, which contrasted strikingly with primary blue at the eyes. Louis Vuitton’s deep, almost purple, burgundy lip turned fierce and strong, whilst at Chloé, McGrath performed with deep wine colors and traditional primary red tones.

How to wear it now:

There is no unmarried rule on the subject of red lips. And because the study Chloé confirmed, all of it relies upon who’s wearing it. Deeper, red reds will add depth and durability, at the same time as a traditional pillar field, nonetheless has something of a nostalgic va-va-voom to it. The end was usually matt with little or no gloss and almost exaggerated precision Cupid’s bow applications. “A perfect crimson lip, and I imply best, takes time. You take the crayon [the lip pencil], then you definitely fill in the shape of your lip, something its miles,” explains Grognard.

Where we’ve seen it:

Balmain, Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen

What you need to recognize:

This became the season of hair accessories that hit every gives up of the spectrum. Accessories have been ornate and loaded with the announcement from dominatrix-inspired ponytail wraps at McQueen to soft brooches and feathers on ponytails at Chanel. At Balmain, Sam McKnight styled hair with outsized, chain hairbands, whilst at Paco Rabanne, hairstylist Paul Hanlon created intricate plaits with crystal clips located over them.

How to wear it now:

Chanel’s fantastically pulled-lower back hair with a clip without a doubt placed in which a knot would be fixed is a clean, wearable appearance. McKnight tells Vogue, “Take a section on both aspects from the top of the ear immediately directly up to the top of the pinnacle. Using your hands to clean, pull back gently and tie elastic right into a small ponytail again. Place hair accessories into the ponytail and grip in the vicinity. Finish with a mild mist of Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray.


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