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2019 Is the Year Men Will Start Wearing Skirts

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Half a decade after Kanye’s kilt, designers who make guys’ skirts find it irresistible’s no big deal.
In this global of guys in Tabi’s, guys in luxury harnesses, and Ezra Miller doing the absolute most, there stays one final frontier: guys’ skirts.

Perhaps you’re thinking: men? In skirts? Call me while humans are wearing sleeves as scarves. (People are carrying sleeves as scarves!) But it’s not pretty as wild because it sounds. Young manufacturers like Luar and Gypsy Sport were sending male-identifying models down the runway in skirts and attire for a handful of seasons now, and the proliferation of gender-neutral silhouettes everywhere from Eckhaus Latta to Maison Margiela has made borrowing from the alternative aspect of the rack, as it had been, greater casual than ever. Rick Owens has been making and carrying skirts for years. Raf Simons did it a decade in the past. And considered one of Craig Green’s signature pieces is a skirt-like pair of trousers. Yadda yadda yadda!

Start Wearing Skirts

But this beyond fashion week confirmed some new entrants within the men’s skirt playbook—loose shapes which can be extra like tubes or sacks of cloth than sexily draped garms. The visual artist Chella Man posed in a pea shoot-green sequin pencil skirt and strappy bow sandals, shirtless with a crossbody bag for the Opening Ceremony. (Love that—the handbag strap looks as if a glitzy bandolier.) Vaquera placed a man in a brown velvet skirt, and a pumped-up pilgrim collar like a cool young dude located his younger sister’s intricate Thanksgiving competition costume and said, “Let’s cross for it.” And at Sandy Liang, who makes the fleece your fleece desires to wear, was a black pleated skirt styled with a simple black T-shirt—NBD. There’s no shock price. It’s just any other garment.

So the runway to a skirted international could appear to be clear. And yet, even as men have started out wearing really insane matters—the aforementioned Tabi boots and harnesses—the skirt is piece guys have interestingly resisted for many years. When Kanye West achieved in a Givenchy kilt in 2012, humans have been like, “KANYE is carrying a SKIRT?!” He later wrote in Paper that it’s how he knew he was a fashion insider: “When you sit down with Riccardo Tisci on the Louvre, and he pitches the concept of you carrying a leather-based kilt, which can be taken into consideration via all of your gangbanging pals as some get dressed or skirt, at that point you’re now part of the fashion global.” West persisted that although it wasn’t a usually masculine garment, “there are warriors that have killed people in kilts within the past. Who gets to decide what’s hard and what’s now not tough?”


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