Are wives of BJP leaders selling jewellery to bear electoral expenses: Kamal Nath

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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the birthday party’s electoral prices. Kamal Nath asked for the funding resources of the BJP and PM Modi’s election campaign.jewellery Addressing a press convention, Kamal Nath requested if the better halves of the birthday party netas promote their jewelry to undergo the Lok Sabha election charges. “I need to ask Modi Ji, the cash spent on his aircraft rides, on MP meeting election, money this is being spent on ongoing Lok Sabha elections, from in which do they get the cash? Are the better halves of BJP leaders promoting their jewelry to endure the costs of elections?” Kamal Nath stated.

Kamal Nath had in advance questioned PM Modi about the development of a Rs 700 crore BJP office in New Delhi. “The top minister ought to tell the nation which bears the fees of his plane rides. He should respond from wherein he got the cash to assemble an Rs seven-hundred crore workplace of BJP in Delhi. He ought to first give solutions to this kind of and then most effectively he has to inquire from my questions,” he said. On Saturday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Sanjay Singh filed a grievance with the Election Commission towards PM Narendra Modi for allegedly exceeding the expenditure restriction of Rs 70 lakh for his roadshow in Varanasi. In a letter to the election officer of Varanasi, Sanjay Singh claimed that a total expenditure of Rs 1.27 crore turned into incurred to take out the prime minister’s roadshow in Varanasi. He alleged that the overall expenditure crossed the restriction of Rs 70 lakh sent by the Election Commission for a roadshow.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, too, had introduced the BJP’s electoral prices.
Questioning the investment of the BJP, Rahul Gandhi had talked about that “even a 30-2d commercial on television fees lakhs of rupees”. “Everywhere it is the publicity of Narendra Modi. Where is the money coming from? Thirty seconds on TV or newspaper advertisements require lakhs of rupees. Who is giving the cash for it? It isn’t always coming from Modi’s pocket,” Rahul Gandhi said.


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