Bloomingdale’s Stacie Borteck: ‘We’re evolving to meet the wishes of the current splendor consumer’

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It is not any secret that with the rise of direct-to-purchaser agencies and e-trade buying, legacy retailers are suffering to maintain massive flagship shops and retail footprints.

While some shops are last their doorways, others are searching for ways to reinvigorate their spaces to keep clients coming back. Earlier this 12 months, Bloomingdale’s unveiled a totally renovated flagship enjoy featuring a brand-new beauty and fragrance ground. The new space functions interactive era, improved splendor offerings, save-in-shops, and occasion programming. For Stacie Bortek, Bloomingdale’s vice chairman and divisional products manager of beauty and fragrance, the updated experience is all about evolving to satisfy the needs of the present day splendor purchaser.

“We want to join our beauty and fragrance place as sort of a playground,” said Borteck. “It’s on our essential floor, proper when you stroll in the store, and we feel like splendor is the first forestall on our client’s journey all through the store. It’s this place for energy and pleasure that sincerely radiates throughout the whole save. So the impetus for the trade become partially this whole protection of the store, but added that the beauty purchaser’s style of buying has absolutely evolved over the years, and we had to evolve as nicely.”

In this week’s episode of The Glossy Beauty Podcast, beauty editor Priya Rao sits down with Borteck to talk about the fundamental modifications to the Bloomingdale’s beauty and perfume revel in, the unique occasions the patron has come to anticipate and the manner splendor is increasing at some stage in the employer’s flagship. Edited highlights are beneath.

The shift in the direction of curated collections
“When we simply the notion of the horizon of beauty and what’s occurring accessible, we diagnosed that new curated standards had been in all likelihood at the horizon, so we created these two new principles: The first one is Glowhaus, and that’s surely targeted closer to our millennial-minded customer. That store is in reality filled with manufacturers which are trending on social media, and it’s housed in this truly playful surroundings where you may attempt all of the products, and all of these products are under $100. We created the idea primarily based on what we have been hearing from our clients who store the equipped-to-put on the ground to buy their date-night pinnacle. Those customers may not undertake down to the beauty ground, so we absolutely went on a seek to discover why that became, what manufacturers we wanted within the blend and also what kind of environment we wished.”
Creating occasions to delight a wide type of clients
“One of the precise things about Bloomingdale’s DNA is that our electricity and exhilaration make it an thrilling place to return, and our events are a part of that. We’ve had the whole lot from these tremendous master instructions which are non-public activities — we just hosted one proposing Charlotte Tilbury — to activities with national make-up artists and spa experiences. We assume this is sincerely part of our DNA, and our concept of the revel in is evolving each day.”

Merging the web and in-store techniques
“When I first came into this, we have been predominately targeted on print. Now, all we speak about are digital and influencers. This is truly a massive method for us, and we’re really careful about what we positioned out there, making sure that it’s proper for the logo and the patron. We’re also having extra fun with that than we ever have before. We partnered with a gaggle of influencers for the release event — some genuinely held their personal occasions in the store, as well — and that synergy of doing matters both online and in-shop is an approach you’ll see more of from us.”


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