Chennai: Rs nine crore in cash, gold jewelry stolen from automobile belonging to idol case suspect Kiran Rao’s supervisor

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CHENNAI: A seven-member gang posing as idol wing police employees stole Rs 9 crore in coins and around one hundred thirty sovereigns of gold jewelry from a car belonging to businesswoman Kiran Rao’s manager Dayanidhi whilst it crossed Paranur toll plaza in Chengalpet on Sunday afternoon. The car became coming to Chennai from Madurai. After intercepting the automobile, some of the crowd contributors ‘questioned’ the occupants at the same time as others searched the automobile and stole gold and cash from it. The Police registered a jewelry In October final, the idol wing police unearthed the artifacts buried in the front of her guesthouse. Inquiries discovered that the car belonged to businesswoman Kiran Rao’s manager Dayanidhi. Rao accumulated a few stone idols and pillars from idol smuggler Ranvir Shah to enhance her restaurant. When Shah was questioned via the idol wing police, Rao requested her manager Dayanidhi shift all the artifacts from her eating place to her guesthouse in Poes Garden. Dayanidhi turned into also question in connection with this.

CHENNAI: Who is going to pay for the site visitors’ signals now? That is the query riling visitors officials within the country. Except for Chennai, the state government no longer offers a budget for the renovation of the traffic alerts in different districts in the state. The district police allowed private corporations to position their commercial forums or hoardings on-site visitors’ signal posts until a closing month. Revenue generated through these ads had been used for the upkeep of the indicators.

But matters have been modified because of Madra’s excessive court docket order closing month directing the kingdom government to cast off all such ads mentioning that they were a distraction for avenue users. So now that the sponsors are cut, district police are fixing who would pay the electricity bill, failing to reduce the connections. Though there is more than one avenue through which police can seek funds, there is no fashionable system to meet those expenses monthly. Attempts to standardize are caught up in crimson tape. “The authorities do not seem to be troubled about it now. By next month, electric deliver for lots of visitors signals will be reduced for non-price of the bill. Only then will the involved government wake up,” stated K Kathirmathiyon, a site visitors activist from Coimbatore, who moved the courtroom to have the commercials eliminated. His petition to home secretary Niranjan Mardi was forwarded to move and street safety commissioner C Samayamoorthy’s office. The latter had sought a reply from kingdom site visitors and road safety cellular. In reaction, Karan Sinha, extra DGP, said that government does not allocate funds for visitors indicators, and for this reason, they’ll be addressed for providing a particular price range.

Transport department officials stated that police could ship proposals searching for allocation from road protection funds. Still, the street safety committee would choose between sanctioning as the availability is restricted. But they rarely obtained such proposals, they delivered. According to legitimate data, the entire kingdom gets the best of 65 crores as a road safety fund. On average, Chennai spends three. Five crores a year in the direction of site visitors signal preservation. Referring to the facts, Kathirmathiyon said, “How would it not be enough? Also, street protection fund is typically used for purchasing a device like breath analyzers, velocity guns, barricades, rectifying blackspots on highways and markings on roads”.


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