Designer converts Karaganda coal into award-winning jewellery

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Zeller is educated as an economist, but 5 years ago, she was given worries in jewelry production. “First, I labored with polymer clay. Frankly talking, I did not suppose that it’d be feasible to make a profitable business from an interest. I idea that I would deliver lovely hand-crafted jewelry to spouses and children and friends,” Zeller instructed kursiv. Kz. “As quickly because the first buyers regarded, I realized I needed to improve my skills,” she introduced. The entrepreneur commenced grasping new technology in jewelry design. Flowers had been one of the first herbal substances she included in her pieces. As the summer season in critical Kazakhstan may be very quick, the designer uses dried flowers framed in resin and silver, in addition to fur, leather, feathers, bones, and herbal stones in her jewelry.

breathtaking jewelryShe’s been working with coal for two years and says jewelry from this kind of stone is in excessive call for and strongly associated with Karaganda. She makes earrings, pendants, and bracelets from Karaganda coal. As the fashion designer explains, coal, compared to many stones, is tons lighter and inexpensive, and it seems as excellent as black agate. “Coal is lighter than herbal or semi-treasured stones. I do not have to search for it as it’s far bought in any supermarket in Karaganda. Considering that I live in a coal-fired house, I don’t have a shortage of uncooked substances at all,” said Zeller.

For her jewelry, the clothier chooses anthracite coal, that’s a deeply saturated black. In a number of her merchandise, she uses it as small black diamonds. In popular, it takes 10 days for Zeller to make one piece of jewelry, though it all depends on each piece’s scale and unique layout. The dressmaker spends approximately every week of that time on coal practice. Zeller is currently at paintings preparing a group for a show in Moscow. She received a trip to Moscow via an open town competition in which she topped the first-rate dressmaker in jewelry class. She additionally gained a ride to Altai for the region’s Sunny Deer International Competition. In Moscow, she’ll present an ethnic-style jewelry series.


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