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First Female Boss Vows to Shake Up Bangladesh’s Fashion Factories

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The first lady to move one of Bangladesh’s biggest garment associations said on Tuesday she could raise woman leadership as most manufacturing unit employees were girls, amid scrutiny over safety. Fashion Factories Rubana Huq, fifty-five, is managing director of Mohammadi Group, which owns a string of factories presenting brands like H&M and Primark in Bangladesh, the arena’s 2d biggest garment exporter, employing 4 million people. “I consider that during an industry wherein extra than eighty percent of the workers are ladies, they must accept an extra risk to voice their interests,” stated Huq, the brand new president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association. “Today, the group of workers is essentially women; however, people in the managerial degrees are on the whole men. That desires to trade.”

In Bangladesh’s 4,500 factories, women have historically had to negotiate with male managers overpay, administrative center safety, and respect on the activity, a reality Huq wants to trade.
Her election comes when Bangladesh’s Supreme Court decides whether to shut down a factory inspection mechanism that changed into an installation using European fashion labels after the Rana Plaza manufacturing unit collapsed in 2013, killing 1 a hundred people.
Huq stated that manufacturers had to improve their personal tracking mechanisms to help the authorities take over from the Bangladesh Accord – signed by approximately 200 major brands.

The fabric tycoon, who changed into elected unopposed, stated her choice to represent manufacturers and exporters was a herbal extension of her -decade profession in the industry, wherein she is one in all a handful of senior female executives. “As a woman, there’s continually a hiccup and continually an attitude to trade,” she informed the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Dhaka. “But I’m here now and, being a lady, I accept as true with my attitude closer to the challenges confronted with the aid of ladies employees can be one-of-a-kind and greater empathetic.”


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