For Rahul, ballot conferences and overdue-night purchasing

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi had to do a little emergency shopping after making an unscheduled in a single day halt at Sangamner in Ahmednagar district on Friday.
Gandhi left Delhi on Friday morning to cope with an assembly in Patna, however, the aircraft had to return because of a technical hassle. Another plane turned into then arranged and the Congress chief flew to Patna. He then attended conferences in Samastipur, also in Bihar, and Balasore, Odisha.
In the night Gandhi was to deal with a meeting in Sangamner in assist of NCP candidate Sangram Jadhav, but he reached Nashik airport very late. Since the solar had already set, taking a helicopter changed into hard and Gandhi had to go by street.
The Ahmednagar district has two massive Congress stalwarts — former minister Balasaheb Thorat and Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, whose son recently defected to the BJP. The host of this assembly become Thorat, the NCP candidate, and his nephew and kingdom Youth Congress leader Satyajeet Tambe Patil. “After the meeting, Rahul Gandhiji instructed us that he could be staying overnight,” a supply said. “We told him that we’ve simple preparations in Sangamner, a bungalow in our engineering university. He agreed.
He normally incorporates a bag of clothes with him, but seeing that he had to alternate his flight at Delhi, the bag changed into not introduced alongside. We opened a shop to get T-blouse, shorts and some undergarments. Since he didn’t have clothes, our humans washed his kurta-pajama.” At night, Gandhi had simple meals and fruit. In the morning, Tambe Patil’s and Thorat’s family organized a Maharashtrian breakfast for him.
Saturday became additionally Tambe Patil’s spouse Maithili’s birthday, which all of us celebrated. His 4-yr-vintage daughter Ahilya had made a drawing for Rahul. The Congress president later left for Nashik Airport by way of helicopter. Thorat becomes additionally with him.
At the airport, Rahul’s pilots were given right into a heated argument with the SPG group of workers, who desired to test their bags. The pilots stated they had been flying the Congress president for the beyond for years and demanded an apology.
As they fought, Rahul went and chatted with the fireplace brigade employees at the airport. Finally, he apologized on behalf of everyone and the flight left.


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