How to reapply sunscreen with out ruining your makeup

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We cannot stress enough how crucial sunscreen is for your pores and skin. It is a skincare step you can’t find the money to pass even if you are about to wear make-up containing a certain quantity of SPF. Sunscreen offers your pores and skin safety from the solar, preventing your pores and skin from tanning, drying out, or burning. But what it also does is guard your pores and skin against premature signs of aging. So yes, sunscreen is an important product you want to use if you are exterior throughout the day and reapply if you spend extra than two hours within the solar.

makeupSo how do you reapply sunscreen in case you are already sporting makeup? Fret now not! We reveal this simple hack that will let you hold your pores and skin protected in the course of the day.
You can reapply sunscreen, in case you spend greater than hours outside, with a splendor blender. All you need to do is drop a small amount of sunscreen onto the blender and dot and dab it all over your face. Do no longer use any striking motions or drag the blender throughout your pores and skin with a purpose only to smash your makeup base. Dab to combination the sunscreen if you want to be absorbed via the pores and skin right away, retaining your foundation intact. You, however, might have to touch up your blush or bronzer because it will fade away together with your sunscreen reapplication. Once you reapply your sunscreen, upload a blush or bronzer to attain a dewy makeup appearance in conjunction with strengthened sun protection.


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