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Makeup - April 29, 2019

Snoop Dogg narrated a make-up academic and it’s dope

NikkieTutorials’s ultra-modern YouTube makeup academic has been narrated by means of Snoop Dogg – and it’s the best factor you’ll watch nowadays.
The beauty guru and Marc Jacobs Beauty international artistry adviser Nikkie de Jager uploaded the new video on 20 April (AKA 4/20) and it becomes nine full mins of pure laughter as Snoop Dogg walked us thru how to dutifully craft the appearance, whilst ‘smokin’ it out’ of the route.
The video, that’s in collaboration with Marc Jacobs to introduce their new Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder with Brush and Accomplice Concealer & Touch Up Stick, goes one up at the fan-preferred video ‘my boyfriend does my voiceover’ and even though Snoop has little to no knowledge of what the hell she’s doing, it’s an appropriate pairing.

It starts with Nikkie or ‘Nic-nak’ as Snoop calls her, clipping lower back her hair:
Snoop says: ‘First matters first, we gotta clip that hair up, you understand me? Clip the hair to get the hair out of the manner so she can get those edges collectively while she begins popping that makeup.’
When Nikkie applies the Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, the rapper calls it ‘the roots,’ of the entire appearance. And while Nikki attracts a heart of concealer throughout her brow, Snoop stated: ‘Put the heart right on the forehead, love is love’
Better yet, as she is going directly to ‘smoke out’ her eyeliner, the singer provides: ‘I’ll be a part of you. What she method via ‘smoke it out’ is not what I’m doing right now.’

Once Nikkie finishes off the look with some gloss and shares a before-and-after, Snoop has a few special words: ‘Oh, wow. Amazing. Straight up, you probably did that. I’m astonished, I’m proud, I’m glad to be part of it. When you close your eyes, you seem like a butterfly. It’s beautiful.’
Having now racked up an outstanding 2 million views, Snoop has effectively passed on his make-up information with many a brand new makeup time period; the brush now brushes, concealer is double up, the contour is a top part, and primer is rooted.
Safe to say, we’d now like Snoop to narrate our lives. And whoever got here up with this concept on Marc Jacobs PR crew, we applaud you.