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How to sync Fitbit records to Apple Health

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Live on top of your fitness recreation makes it feel like syncing your preferred fitness devices. For a while, customers had been inquiring about a sync characteristic between Fitbit and Apple Health. Unfortunately, Fitbit nevertheless doesn’t have plans to force a convenient sync function between the two. While downloading a third-birthday celebration app, any other may not be your first desire; it does resolve the hassle. Here’s a way to do it.

Products used in this guide

HealthSync your health: Sync Solver for Fitbit ($five at App Store) How to sync Fitbit information to Apple Health the usage of Sync Solver Once you’ve downloaded the Sync Solver for Fitbit app, open it and press Sync Now. Next, your Apple Health app will open. You can pick to turn on all of the classes or only those you’re interested in syncing. You’ll be caused to log in to your Fitbit account and asked for permission in your statistics; press Allow.

After granting permission, open Sync Solver so it can start syncing. It may take some time, so be affected, person. Upon completion, check your data on Apple Health to verify the sync changed into a hit. Your work is pretty tons finished after that. Sync Solver uses Apple’s historical past sync feature. The app will robotically sync information from your Fitbit at some stage in the day. You can usually open the app and sync manually, too. Not everybody loves third-celebration apps, but it’s the satisfactory solution available until Fitbit and Apple Health determine to make matters less complicated.

Our favorite app

When choosing an app for syncing Fitbit information to Apple Health, Sync Solver is a popular favorite amongst Fitbit network participants, and we must agree.


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