Is Kylie Jenner Bringing Kendall Into Her Makeup Dynasty? Here’s What We Know

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There’s no pumping the brakes for Kylie Jenner and her billion-greenback make-up empire. Just off formally accomplishing seven figures and dropping a product growth at Ulta shops, Jenner has hinted that there are more exciting launches at the way for Kylie Cosmetics. Recently, the wealthy person went to stay on Instagram to answer some of her followers’ questions. When one follower asked, “Can we also get a collab with Kendall?” she made the shh gesture with her finger, winked on the digicam, and explained why that hasn’t been able to occur inside the beyond. “You realize Kendall become in a contract for an actual long term so that I couldn’t do a collab along with her,” she stated, referencing her older sister’s splendor partnership with Estée Lauder. “That’s the most effective purpose why I didn’t know collab along with her.” Then, she hinted: “But, you recognize, we labored it out.”

Jenner Bringing KendallThis collaboration among the two younger sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would not be their first challenge collectively. The duo currently has a joint fashion collection, Kendall + Kylie, available at shops like Nordstrom. Kylie additionally has masses of revel in operating with her different circle of relatives individuals. The 21-year-antique has released make-up collaborations with all of her sisters and two lines with Kim Kardashian West. The maximum current, a KKW x KYLIE 2 series, featured a fixed of four liquid lipsticks in more than a few browns and purple mauves.

Kylie failed to drop any more tips in this future release, but with Kendall’s love for purple lipsticks, we might bet that a crimson lip package is on the horizon. The runway version is likewise partial to the no-makeup makeup look, so Kylie Cosmetics should get into that marketplace with lip tints or an extra natural blush. Whatever is set to return from the 2 sisters, all symptoms point to it being a mega-hit based totally on Kylie Cosmetics’ promote-out popularity and Kendall’s influencer energy.


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