Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Gave Idris Elba an Incredible Wedding Gift

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Idris Elba was married to version and actress Sabrina Dhowre in Marrakesh this week, changing vows on the Ksar Char-Bagh motel on April 26, 2019.Wedding Gift

Having attended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding back in May 2018, fans might have been awaiting the royals to return the want by attending Elba and Dhowre’s nuptials. However, as the royal infant is due to arrive in late April or early May 2019, Meghan and Harry would not have been able to make the trip, even though invited.

Despite now not making it to the marriage, Meghan and Harry allegedly gave Elba and Dhowre a remarkable gift. According to the Mail on Sunday, the Royals decided on a chunk of art by duo the Connor Brothers present to the newlyweds. The booklet notes that the artwork retails for around $nine 000, with the chosen piece presenting the quote, “Why fit in while you had been born to stand out?”

According to Yahoo! Style, the artists have a curious backstory, as “When they first arrived at the artwork scene, the duo claimed to be Missouri-born twins who have been raised in an extremist Christian cult.” However, it became, in the end, found out that the enigmatic twins were virtually British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle under a unique pseudonym. Even although Harry and Meghan could not make it to Elba’s Moroccan nuptials, their wedding ceremony present for the couple sounds pretty remarkable.


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