New version of Star & Style lists popular 101 Malayalam movies from 1980

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Even after many a long time, some movies nonetheless go away an indelible impression on our minds and maintains high-quality us on every occasion we watch. This version of Star & Style has indexed out pleasant a hundred and one Malayalam films which have secured an area inside the hearts of Malayalis.
April edition of Star & Style has supplied a novel analyzing experience to film fanatics and has already ended up a communicate of the readers. The special edition with decided on a hundred and one films comes after this. The films have been decided on among the years 1980 and 2018. The selection was based on several criteria like popularity, creativity, a thread of a story, narration, scenes, subject matter of story and social relevance.
Jury panel keenly tested the visible treats of movies after the Nineteen Eighties. Individual hobbies, procedures, and adoration for a movie can impact the choice of films. So, a movie appreciated via one person won’t be a favorite for another. Star & Style selected the movies maintaining these kinds of factors in thoughts.
A Gallup ballot additionally has been blanketed inside the version for readers to pick out their favorite film. The cover girl of this unique version is Aparna Balamurali, the younger heroine of Mollywood. Aparna who became the fave actress of Keralites together with her debut film ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’, stocks her reviews and news of her new films.

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