Shoppers from Dimapur rendezvous for Sunday buying in Karbi Anglong

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As one drives from Dimapur metropolis to neighboring Lahorijan or Khatkhati in nearby Karbi Anglong on a Sunday, the distinction exhibits the effect of the Sunday marketplace closure. After the ban on Sunday purchasing in Dimapur, markets in Lahorijan and Khatkati areas have grown to be the destination of shoppers from Dimapur.

Karbi Anglong

Though pharmacies and bakeries/eateries and so on. Are comfy from the purview of the ban, a number of the latter pick out to play safe by remaining close. It has also been noticed that many providers from Dimapur shifted base to Khatkhati and close by regions if you want to make sure they did not go through breaks in business. The loss in terms of the economic system is extensive in view that food items, particularly fish, meat merchandise, and greens are everyday use objects. Also, most of the vehicles plying between Dimapur and Lahorijan/Khatkhati bore NL registration. If the Sunday market closure is Dimapur’s loss, it is also Karbi Anglong’s gain.

The commonly highly crowded markets in Dimapur put on an abandoned appearance on Sunday together with the fish stalls and meat shops at New Market and railway bazaar. Though pharmacies are exempt from Sunday closure, many were closed. When this Reporter spoke to 6 shopkeepers in Lahorijan and Khatkhati, they disclosed that they had extra customers on Sundays than on different days. Butchers, fish, and fowl providers had excessive income because markets had extra than double the variety of buyers on Sunday and most of who had been from Dimapur. There have been long queues in numerous fish and meat stalls because the demand outstripped supply.

This Reporter spoke to a government servant from Medizpehma, who drove all the way to Khatkhati to fill up fuel in his vehicle. This turned into confirmed on the Essar petrol pump wherein this Reporter found an extended line of motors and auto-rickshaws from Nagaland, commonly from Dimapur. There have been traces of automobiles at the Essar petrol pump- one for commercial cars like auto-rickshaws, vans, and buses and the opposite for non-public vehicles. The difficulty of Sunday buying is as numerous with some for and different towards. Be that as it can, traders in Lohorijan and Khatkhati stated they hoped their fortunes might see upward push inside the following couple of months observed by establishing extra stores and commercial enterprise firms to serve the clients from Dimapur.


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