It’s one issue to observe a fashion; it’s another to put on precisely what all of us else is wearing.
The pageant goers at Stagecoach in Indio, Calif., this weekend fell into the latter category, with nearly all attendees wearing variations of the exact identical appearance.
For women, the system became denim cutoff shorts, a crop pinnacle (or a revealing bodysuit) and Western boots. Some concertgoers took the USA topic even similarly — accessorizing with bandanas and cowboy hats.

On the guys give up, the move-to was jean shorts or hokey Americana clothing, additionally teamed with cowboy boots. Many guys went shirtless inside the barren region heat.

Festival style is notoriously kitschy — simply test the beyond weekends’ ensembles from the same campgrounds once they had been set up for Coachella — and there are bound to be traits that emerge. However, there’s something to be stated for originality. The pleasant appears from Coachella, as an example, take calculated dangers in the shape of iridescent fanny packs, rainbow-striped units, and formidable animal prints.

At Stagecoach, it seemed that basically nobody was inclined to muddy the waters, despite the fact that one competition goer wore a moderate political declaration in the form of a President Donald Trump T-shirt.

One redeeming appearance got here courtesy of Jessie James Decker — who put together a look that turned into a bit us of a, however also a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.
Her leather hot pants and decorated crop pinnacle weren’t all so specific from the tanks and denim cutoffs worn with the aid of festival goers, however, they’d a distinct aspect that confirmed off her personal style sensibility. The actual kicker changed into Decker’s footwear, as she ditched the basic Western boots for white-hot stiletto booties, selecting a pair of $178 Raye ankle boots that popped.