Lord Sugar shares wedding picture in anniversary celebration

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Lord Sugar has shared a photo from his wedding day as he celebrates 51 years of The black and white photograph published on Twitter suggests the commercial enterprise multi-millionaire, 72, and his wife Ann maintaining up wine glasses on their big day on April 28, 1968.
A second, extra latest picture indicates the pair inside the equal poise.

“51 years in the past. Our anniversary these days,” The Apprentice big-name stated. The couple tied the knot at Great Portland Street in London. They have three kids together and 7 grandchildren.


My excellent buddy of forty years has asked me to fly to her son’s wedding ceremony in a few months, arrive early to assist with the whole thing, and not be protected inside the rehearsal dinner. I explained that I’m not going to spend extra than $1,000 to fly out early, stay in a resort, hire an automobile and no longer attend the dinner I’ve helped set up, decorate, and so on. She said she’s now not inviting out-of-city guests to the rehearsal dinner and its own family handiest. She then uninvited me to the wedding and hung up on me! We haven’t spoken when you consider that.
Am I loopy, or was she for looking forward to me to head paintings my at the back of off and leave earlier than the guests arrive?


What came about proves the adage that weddings and funerals can convey out the worst in human beings. Your pal’s request was insensitive and rude, and they have to feel embarrassed about herself. You might have been extra than “an out-of-metropolis guest,” and also you need to were thanked for your efforts at the dinner.


I’ve dated a man for 3 months now, and I nevertheless can’t be absolutely open with him. I am afraid the real me isn’t that likable, so I actually have become less talkative in this dating. Each time we go out, he’s continually the talker, and whilst from time to time I need to say something, I clam up. I like him a lot, and I don’t like myself being this way. I am outgoing and talkative once I’m with my pals. I just like the manner I am once I am with them because I experience loose and cozy. He has started to bitch about my quietness, and it’s scary. Each time he mentions it, I experience it like I’m exposed. Should I keep this dating?

Don’t appearance now, but your shallowness appears to be sagging. Stop hiding in a self-imposed “closet” and display this individual who you, without a doubt, are! Whether the relationship survives the disclosure, I can’t wager; however, I actually have a premonition that he’ll like you even better than he has for the last three months.


I actually have a restrained income with which I aid myself and my four youngsters. When it comes to apparel, my children’s wishes glaringly come first, and most of my cash is going to shopping for their garments. The majority of mine come from garb banks. My hassle is, when someone compliments me on an outfit I’m sporting and asks wherein I got it, I don’t realize what to say. I’m embarrassed to mention it’s from a clothing financial institution, but at the same time, I’m not too fond of mendacity. Any suggestions?


I do have one. When you’re complimented on an object of garb, say thank you. And if the character asks where you acquire it, say it become given to you. It’s reality. It became given to you on the clothing bank.


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