What the proper face of makeup seemed like over the last one hundred years

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Just as style developments come and go, makeup fads are continuously evolving. And over the past a hundred years, society has modified its perception of what the appropriate face of makeup looks like.
In the early 1900s, for example, lips were the focus of the face and were regularly lined in sharp shapes. But with the aid of the Fifties, it became extra common for ladies to wear rounded pouts in vivid-crimson sun shades. Similarly, famous eye makeup has changed appreciably; minimum colors had been worn inside the ’30s, and pastel eye shadow became famous inside the ’80s.
From the early 1900s through to 2019, here is a look again at what the perfect face of makeup has seemed like over the past a hundred years.

Makeup was worn nearly exclusively with the aid of film stars and musicians among 1900 and 1919, consistent with Vintage Makeup Guide, a sister-blog of GlamourDaze that documents the records of early cosmetics.
But regardless of there being restricted clients at the time, a few principal improvements were made inside the cosmetics enterprise. Max Factor founded his own beauty lab in 1909 to create merchandise for the stars, and the primary metal-tube of lipstick become invented in 1915.
Both tendencies impacted society’s desired makeup appears in the early 1900s. Throughout the last decade, women who wore make-up preferred light, powdered skin, as well as stained lips.

Because complexion products had been nevertheless largely associated with movie stars at the time, gadgets like face powder and cream-rouge compacts have been popular.
The products helped girls to look natural whilst also mirroring the Hollywood style of the time, consistent with Vintage Dancer, a style website and online shop created via creator Debbie Sessions, who researches the records of favor.
But girls did take a few liberties, mainly with their lips. The best face of makeup within the ’20s turned into never whole without crimson lipstick, which became regularly applied in a rounded shape on the bottom lip, and sharply at the pinnacle to accentuate the cupid’s bow.


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