Google I/O ’19 ‘lightning talks’ tease ‘Find My Accessories’ for Fast Pair, greater

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Here at 9to5Google, we’ve been carefully monitoring the Google I/O 2019 periods listing, noting the various additions and changes Google makes nearly every day. Last night, as an example, the organization added twelve “lightning talks” sessions, or half-hour of rapid-fireplace presentations on diverse related topics, throughout two days of Google I/O. In these, we’ve determined recommendations of things in all likelihood to be introduced during the keynote, inclusive of “Find My Accessories.”
Find My Accessories
The maximum interesting of Google I/O’s lightning talks are focused on Android’s current “Fast Pair” Bluetooth traits, designed to make Bluetooth on Android a easier enjoy. According to the lightning talk’s description, Fast Pair can be gaining a new function referred to as “Find My Accessories.”
Have Bluetooth accessories which include headsets and soundbars? Have pairing issues? Drop by using the Fast Pair lightning speak to see how your devices can pair seamlessly to Android. The Fast Pair platform now not most effective permits one-faucet pairing and account-based totally device reputation, however additionally consists of extra functions like Find My Accessories and stepped forward accomplice app control – chat with the group and existing companions to get began.
We were not able to locate something public about “Find My Accessories,” however it seems like a way to apply your Android phone to find misplaced Bluetooth devices. It’s quite possible this will be a brand new function for Android Q, however, it may potentially arrive on older devices, like all gadgets on Android 6. Zero and more modern are like minded with Fast Pair.
Perception Toolkit
Another noteworthy lightning communicates at Google I/O is about to take vicinity on the subject of the “Perception Toolkit,” which is seemingly a manner for web developers to apply a device’s digital camera to assist customers to navigate their internet site. We’ve been not able to discover any public records about this Perception Toolkit, aside from the I/O session description.
Learn how the digicam can help human beings use your internet site, allowing them to discover things on your internet site via figuring out bar codes, QR codes or 2D pics. The Perception Toolkit makes it easy to add digital camera session creation, target identification, and user revel in on your internet site, all hosted to your internet site and using the content material you have already got these days.
Most of the opposite ten lightning talk periods are your preferred Google I/O fare, with topics ranging from AI to Firebase. There’s also a bolt of committed lightning speak session with a view to going over the various artists at Google I/O 2019, presenting returning artist Alex Czetwertynski.
If you’re going to be watching Google I/O from home and are hoping to trap some of the lightning talks at the live stream, you’ll be upset to discover that, as of now, Google does not list those as streaming occasions.


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