Hairstylist Justine Marjan and Kitsch Launched a Second Round of Hair Accessories, and They’re Everything

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Hair add-ons have not been this famous on account that Blair Waldorf sat on the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a striped bow scarf — and the fashion isn’t slowing down each time soon. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan is partly to thank for the resurgence. Last November, she teamed up with chic accessories line Kitsch on a group of crystal-encrusted pins and clips emblazoned with words like “glam,” “rattling” and “drippin’.” To say they blew up on Instagram would be an understatement; Kitsch ought to barely keep them in stock. Even Marjan’s customers, including Ashley Graham and Olivia Culpo, are fanatics.

Now, Kitsch x Justine Marjan is returned for around, and they’re switching things up a chunk to keep it clean for 2019. A month in the past, I popped right into a photo shoot in Hollywood to speak with Marjan and take a look at out the new release. Here’s the entirety you need to know about the collection, aptly called Serious Boss Vibes.

Most importantly, there are three new words.

If 2018 was approximately glam, 2019 is all about the boss — in a baller, double-greenback-signal sort of manner. In addition to “bo$$,” there’s “icon” and “vibes,” all in a new gothic font. Marjan says all the pieces are designed to be blended, matched, and stacked. “I want all the words to experience like they may be used together, even from the preceding collection,” she says. “So you may stack and create, like ‘boss vibes’ or ‘icon vibes.’ It’s an assertion.”
The words are inspired by badass women.

“It’s been certainly a laugh partnering with Cassandra [Thurswell] because she started this enterprise out of her storage,” Marjan says of the founder of Kitsch. “This collection is known as Serious Boss Vibes due to the fact we are seeking to preserve it uplifting and a laugh, playful and superb,” she adds. The “icon” clip became especially requested by none other than Lisa Rinna, and Marjan cannot wait to send her the completed product. “Bo$$” was inspired by way of every person’s preferred momager, Kris Jenner. As for “vibes,” that is actually a word the stylish likes to apply. And similarly to phrases, there are 3 sizes of crystal-encrusted snap clips — certainly one of Marjan’s favored ’90s tendencies.
She’s stimulated by means of all of your innovative pix.

If you lately @’d Marjan on Instagram, chances are she noticed and gave it a double tap. It’s not just her movie star buddies who encourage her, however everyone who posts images with the primary collection, too. “All the Housewives had been so first-class. They’ve all worn the pins, so it is been definitely amusing,” she says. “Plus, there is all of the girls on Instagram who’re so creative. I get inspired when I get tagged in pix of anybody attempting new approaches with different hairstyles.”
Keeping the collection affordable was pinnacle precedence.

Each of the brand new clips retails for $29, a truth Marjan is pleased with. “They’re an low-priced charge factor so the normal person can put on them and it would not experience unimaginable,” she explains. “So lots of these pins at style week are like $three hundred, and that is just no longer practical.” She’s alluding to designers like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Erdem all showing their personal high-fashion variations of the fashion. But don’t suppose because they may be under $30 that they’re flimsy. “I’ve usually cherished hair add-ons and endorsed my customers to wear them on shoots, but I observed many fell aside without a doubt rapid,” she says of other speedy-fashion styles. “Because these are business-grade metal, they may be without a doubt robust. I’m thinking about the feature as tons as I’m thinking about splendor.”

You honestly cannot mess them up.

“Everyone asks me the way you do placement and virtually, do what you want! This is supposed to be a laugh. Don’t strain about getting it inside the proper spot,” says Marjan. All of it’s far designed to be innovative. Don’t sense like styling your hair? Just pop in more than one pins and it expresses how you feel that day. She does have a few suggestions, even though: To keep your hair from snagging, hold it flat where you want the clip to go and slide it in right above your hand; you could also spray the clip with a bit hair spray to preserve it from slipping.


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